Writing Prompts

One of the hardest parts of writing is sometimes simply finding a place to start. Sometimes we can't seem to find an idea, or the time, or the confidence, but the most important part of writing is just that — writing. It sounds cliche but it's definitely true. The practice of writing leads to discipline and confidence, and discipline and confidence lead to better writing. So writing prompts are a great way to get started! Whether you're new to writing, feeling stuck, or just want to try and imagine something new, I hope you find these writing prompts to be a helpful tool to learn more about your character, inspire a new idea, or unlock potential for new and exciting scenes. 

Every week I'll post a new writing prompt that will hopefully inspire some new ideas and creativity. A new one will appear on the blog every Wednesday, because sometimes writing can feel the way a long week at work does. It moves slowly and we're always looking forward to the weekend, when we feel free and happy with all that we've accomplished during the week. Hopefully, the writing prompts will be kind of like Wednesdays, when the weekend is in sight and all you need to do is make through just a few more days. The writing prompt can be that extra push to get you through, or even get you started. This is how I look at it anyway!

You can see the collection of all my writing prompts by clicking on the label "Writing Prompts" on the right hand side of the blog. I hope you find these helpful. Feel free to leave comments, or even suggest a prompt of your own. 

Happy Writing!

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